january 28, 2023 - official work on cloudyhall 2.0 has begun.
august 9, 2022 (again) - suprise! i spent awhile trying to refine the homepage. i hope you like it!
august 9, 2022 - OMG i can't believe i haven't updated in forever. i love this website so much but i think it's time for a change- i'm working on my second website right now, but expect me to make some edits to this site to clean some things up & change up a few things! i'm really excited for the direciton this site is headed because i'm really trying to up my html skillz haha. however, i am going on a trip soon, so i may be gone for a couple of days- if i can find some sort of html editor for offline i might code in the car. see y'all!!!
july 29, 2022 - guys i am feeling better! im trying to clean up the tarot section so it is easy & to the point to help people get into tarot. happy reading everyone haha
july 28, 2022 - i am DONE i'm sorry i can not go through with the tarot section. like i am too depressed to create a page for EVERY card. sorry about that guys :(
july 19, 2022 - i'm trying to get work done on the new tarot section, but i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, sorry! i'm gonna focus a little on myself for a bit.
july 14, 2022 - i did A LOT of work on a new tarot section of the site! i didn't just make the page- there is a SHIT TON OF PAGES I NEED TO MAKE FOR THIS. LIKE 20+. god why do i do this to myself, i don't know, but coding for the past three hours has not been good for my eyes so i'm gonna try to work on it tomorrow.
july 13, 2022 - thinking of making a tarot themed page, look out for that!
july 9, 2022 - i just realized i haven't updated this website since july !! so sorry about that :( i haven't been coming up with a lot of good ideas, & i'm starting to run low on energy in general as well soooo..
june 30, 2022 - guys!!!! i am running low on ideas!!!!!!!! i'm not really sure what to do but stranger things comes out tomorrow im excited!!!
june 25, 2022 - i added a very important section to the home page as well as started to make a favorites page since i love to talk about my favorite things.
june 22, 2022 - i'm currently attending a programming camp (for python (ug)) & i've had barely any downtime with work & the camp & other stuff too. just tired really, but if updates slow down for a bit that's why.
june 19, 2022 - i made a new page! i really liked Cruise Chaser's cat page, so i wanted to make my own :)
june 17, 2022 - i decided to finally do the page for the kitchen. it's kinda shitty but it's whatever- it was hard finding pngs for the food that i wanted to add. honestly ya im working on a new website since i miss making websites completely from scratch. but i haven't abandoned this site completely!!
june 11, 2022 - added some cool buttons to the about me page. not a lot done, just kinda depressed lately :|
june 7, 2022 - just a small change to the about me page. i got the job btw! also i might be taking a short break. i know it's pride month & all but i've been seeing way too much homophobia/discourse & honestly it all makes me feel like shit. so if updates slow down for a bit that's why. okay thanks that's all.
june 4, 2022 - minor changes/updates. added some more cute images to my interests. also added some to the photo gallery finally. i'm actually considering deleting that page all together but we'll see haha
june 2, 2022 - i decided to work on the interests page since it is the last page on my site that used the table layout. now it's mainly columns, which i'm starting to really like the column format since it's really fast & easy to code. i'm not quite sure what i'm going to work on next, probably the kitchen since it's the only part that isn't done with my virtual house. also i might be getting a job! i'll keep you guys updated. i'm also working more on the homepage because its kind of empty haha
may 30, 2022 - well i finally did it. i finally added the photos to my room & the electronics page. i might add more today to the hompage but we'll see haha
may 29, 2022 - look at the new homepage! yes this is what i've been doing instead of actually working on the virtual house. mainly i just don't want to go through & take pictures & get rid of the background & that kind of stuff. but the homepage looks better(?) i'm actually not sure. i'm kind of sad because i haven't found a place to put the picture of tally hall that i had up yet :( they're seriously me whole life its insane but i love them so much so yeah. anyway! i'm glad the homepage is pretty much done for now (just going to work on some more stuff) because for awhile the css wasn't working at all & it looked horrible!! so yeah that's all for today. see ya
may 27, 2022 - i'm procrastinating taking pictures of my stuffed animals again for the room, but instead i'm going to be making my electronics room now because i've been super into zelda lately & been playing it on my old 3DS.
may 22, 2022 - i've officially switched from chrome to firefox! most aspects of the website look pretty much the same rather than the scroll bars & some aspects of the font i use, but i don't mind. i was tired of using chrome. hopefully my website will look good on crome & firefox now!
may 21, 2022 - ive officially started work on my virtual room. things have just busy & i've been kind of depressed lately so that's why updates have been slow, but i'm hoping this new thing will be done soon!
may 11, 2022 - i've been at a road block recently because i lost all ideas on what to do with the new page. it did not help that whenever i asked for ideas from my friends they never replied to my texts so there's that. the page is okay right now. i'm still out of ideas. hopefully i will think of things soon.
may 7, 2022 - look at the updates to the about me page! i had a break through on how to clean up some of my code and make the formatting easier to change and stuff so i've been working on it all morning.
may 6, 2022 - started making the updates box, also i plan on making some updates to the home page (smirking face). peep peep look at the cool scrollers i added as well as the new link to my guestbook!
note - may 6 was not the day that this page was made! i was stupid & decided to not keep an update log until then. so that's why there's so little updates when i've been actively working on this site for months.